Website Video Background

A day playing with webdesign effects

Today was one of those days when I’m waiting for the all OK to get on with a few different website design and development projects that I have on in December, they need finishing by the end of the month, but really need that little bit more information before I can get on and really get stuck in.

So today has been about playing with different webdesign effects – working out different ways of displaying information whilst keeping usability levels high.

I’m pretty pleased with the video background now featuring on local Devon band Dodgey Practice‘s website – it might not be something that stays in the long run; this site has a bit too much information right in the center of the page to able to show off the video in the background properly, so maybe a new video is needed in the future, and possibly not having the music play straight away as I’m sure this won’t be to everyone’s taste – otherwise it has been quite a fun website development experiment.

Take a look at the site here – you need to stay on the homepage for a little bit to see it, and it needs to be viewed on a desktop or laptop rather than a mobile or tablet (It also might be changed back to the old static background after a while).

I’ve also been experimenting with text based websites for a client who doesn’t really have much imagery at the moment, making a change to my usual image based websites. Along side this I’ve created some scrolling backgrounds with translucent text areas for another – it’s a pretty cool effect, and I’ll share both of these new webdesign projects soon.