Artwork Design For Local Devon Businesses for Food & Drink Devon Guide

Couple of Pieces of Artwork for Food & Drink Devon Guide

It’s not that often that I do much artwork or print design – I’m in and out of photoshop nearly every day, but mainly for resizing images and creating graphics for websites and newsletters.

Most of the time, I don’t even do a visual mockup of a new website, but instead spend the time creating the start of a website so that the client has a chance to actually feel what their site might be like – if I get it right, this means that the process of developing a site is speeded up no end, as by the time we get to agreeing visuals, the first couple of pages have now been built.

This week more of my time in photoshop has been spent creating some simple adverts to go into the upcoming Food and Drink Devon Guide.  This annual celebration of all this food and drink within Devon (the best county for food produce!) is a great way for local Devon businesses whether big or small to get their name out there even further.

It’s always a huge pleasure to see a website that I’ve created out in the wild, looking at the stats from website visitors or sales from an e-commerce store.

Print design isn’t quite the same – in some ways, clicking the final publish button is a more final process as once you’ve gone to print, there is no changing the work that you’ve done. But in contrast to that, there is a different joy of flicking through something like the Food & Drink Devon guide and coming across adverts you’ve created.  Similar happened recently with some artwork I created a couple of months ago which ended up in the South Hams magazine for a Dartmouth business – a little bit of joy at unexpectedly turning the page and seeing some of my work in the flesh.

If you have any printwork, website design, digital marketing or an e-commerce site to build, please get in touch – I love working with local businesses.

Artwork for Dartington Hall's Food & Drink Devon Guide AdArtwork for South Hams Markets Food & Drink Devon Guide Ad