Warehouse Community Gym - new website design

Nailed It – first draft of new website design approved

Every time I send out the first draft of a new project to a client, I always keep a close eye on my emails for the reply to see if we’ve been talking on the same page all along, or if there has been a misunderstanding somewhere along the lines and the client is after something else than what was in my head.

Yesterday I sent the first look of a new website for a local Gym to a new client of mine.

I patiently waited….

And the reply came in…

You’ve absolutely nailed it

It’s a great feeling to get it right first time – there’s not many occasions when I don’t, but often when talking to a client for the first time and discussing their needs for a new website or e-newsletter I’m already forming ideas in my head of what it will look like and how it will function.

I have to admit that I’ve found getting going again this January a bit of a struggle, not sure why particularity and I have a few new things on the horizon – but with nothing urgent nagging at me it’s been harder to sit down and get on than usual.

Good to say that this feedback has really given me a boost and I’m eagerly working away to finish the project and get it launched. I’m very happy with the way it looks, and it’s great to also be integrating an e-commerce function as well. Even though it’s only for a few products, the ability to sell items through a website is such a great thing and I look forward to helping this South Devon Gym increase it’s membership through their first website.

Watch this space for when the project goes live.