Website for Dart Music Festival

New Dart Music Festival Website concept to Completion

A bit like a mobile phone add – a few steps were removed in the below process!

When I was first contacted about the possibility of creating a new website for the Dart Music Festival it was a pretty great prospect – I’m a musician myslef and have played at Dart Music Festival for many years, so the event is close to my heart. In 2015 I almost contacted the organisers as I felt I could improve what they had in place, but never put pen to paper (fingers to keys!)

After a couple of initial conversations about the feel that was wanted for the festival website, in particular the need to get across the variety of acts and venues, plus the community aspect of the Dart Music Festival, I put in my proposal.

It then transpired that I was up against tough competition and needed to compete agains a much larger outfit than myself. I don’t usually do visuals before getting a project, but in this case, that was the next step of the tender process.

Initial webdesign idea for Dart Music Festival

I created my look for the festival site, and some wire frames for the act and venue pages in particular. In the past, individual acts and venues were not really featured on the site, and for me, getting across what the festival is all about meant sending the viewer on a journey of discovery to establish the variety and vibrancy of the music festival.

Wire Frame for Act Page

Needless to say the actual build was pretty challenging and technical, in particular the need to fit an act into a venue, but also on a day whilst maintaining cross promotion of acts and venues and the ability to search by genre or day was a bit of a headache (it’s even hard to write down). But in the end, I finalised how the site needed to function, created e-commmerce functionality (and then removed it as the festival wasn’t quite ready for that step yet – maybe another year!) and started to teach the guys from the festival how to finish populating the acts and venues.

Dart Music Festival database drive act search

All in all, I’m super happy with how the website turned out, and so are the Dart Music Festival which is the most important thing.

Take a look: