Summer School 2015 Website

Dartington International Summer School 2015

Working on the Dartington International Summer School website for 2015 was much more involved process than in 2014.

Rather than just updating an existing site, for 2015 a new site for Summer School was started from scratch (still within Dartington’s main website. Alongside the site there was back end development of their box office system to enable bookings to be taken through the system.  A full brief was given, including visual guidelines by Atwork.

The back end development involved a lot of product loading for the four week festival including all accommodation, concerts and courses, as well as figuring out how to push their booking system to its limits to work with the many permutations of a booking for this Devon music festival.  Originally the site also had an online booking functionality, made possible with assistance for API development beyond my capabilities by Logodesign, but due to the complicated nature of Summer School, this was later removed an replaced by a booking form.

(NB – It was made clear to Summer School at the time of development/quotation, that for the limited funds they had available the online booking functionality was going to be limited – particularity with the need to integrate with a relatively inflexible box office , so it was not surprising that this functionality was simplified, although I was impressed with what we were able to create on a very limited budget).

Ongoing development of the website continued between December and March alongside customer segmentation for marketing from previous data.

Dartington Arts E-Newsletter Image

The Dartington Hall Trust

An offhand comment with Sue the (former) Head of Sales and Marketing for Dartington Arts about how I was intending on going freelance as a web designer, digital consultant and specialist in e-newsletters a few weeks before I left Dartington Hall brought about a relationship in which Sue liked to refer to herself as “best client in the world”.

Work has included the analysis, cleansing and uploading of data to the system that Dartington uses, alongside preliminary work to enable the creation of a regular newsletter…

I now compile the weekly Dartington newsletter which is sent out to approx. 24,000 subscribers each week. I firstly compile a draft newsletter and then Dartington inputs to tweak the newsletter if necessary. The relationship is very much based on trust, the newsletter needs to go out each week without fail, and the tone of the email needs to be consistent.

Work is underway with split testing subjects and headers to maximize the impact that the newsletter has.

NB the newsletter template was designed by someone other than myself.

BigFire website image


Working on the bigfire website is a real temptation – there are so many things that I really like that these guys sell. Who doesn’t want a wood fired hot tub?

BigFire already had a very nice looking responsive website, but there were a few things that the BigFire team couldn’t figure out for themselves.  My work with them has involved ironing out those little niggles, things out of place, images of products the wrong size – just lots of little changes that have needed to be made (and still need to be).

Optimising the site for search engines has also been carried out, to try to help the shop get as much organic footfall as possible.

Work will continue with BigFire including product loading, ongoing consultations about how to get the most out of new and existing customers and the creation of a monthly newsletter e-newsletters.



Whether you need a completely new website, a bit of code edited here or there, or just a magazine advert designed, I hope that my next client is you.

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I look forward to working with you.