Website design and development for Kingsbridge company Oakleigh Design Build

Oakliegh Design Build

When local company Oakleigh Design Build got in contact about the possibility of making their new website for them, I jumped at the opportunity.

Oakleigh design and build bespoke timber frame buildings, be this entire houses, smaller buildings such as outdoor offices, summerhouse and garages or additions to existing structures such as extensions – it’s all very high end so a website for these guys needed to be to the same standards.

I worked closely with Oakleigh to get the look of the site right for them – we went through a few different revisions of look and feel for the website as the project progressed and they realised that what they initially had in mind wasn’t quite right.

As often happens with smaller businesses, the website design project had to be delayed a few times as Oakleigh were too busy themselves with building projects – I find this frequently happens and try to be as honest and flexible as possible with clients so that there is always a realistic timescale in place for launching a site.

As I do for all my clients who want to be left in control of their website through a CMS system, I did some on site training with Oakleigh as well as leaving them with video files on how to make changes to much of their site, so that they have something to refer back to in the future for items they don’t frequently change.

Website Design for Simply Better Health

Simply Better Health

The brief for Simply Better Health, a Homeopathy and Hypnotherapy practitioner in Exeter, was very much the need for a simple, easy to navigate site.

This project was completed in conjunction with Hannah from Six Degrees Marketing who has been working with Simply Better Health recently to increase their marketing reach.

Unlike many of the sites I create, it was not possible to feature imagery too heavily, mainly due to a lack of original images.

As always the website is mobile friendly, and the client has been left with tutorial videos on how to edit content and create news posts.

Warehouse Gym Website Design

The Warehouse Community Gym

One of my favorite clients so far, The Warehouse Community Gym is one of those business that you just really wan t to see succeed. With a great ethos behind it and an inspiring story behind Lisy the gym owner, I put all I could into the website design for The Warehouse Community.

Features include and attractive responsive design, e-commerce functionality to take block bookings online and a blog.

The e-commerce development included linking to external products, figuring out how to allow gym members to set up direct debits online and listing normal products – so although there’s not many of them, there has been a fair amount of development included to include everything required.

Not in use yet, the website also has a booking functionality built in for the sessions which will only run when enough customers have booked – at present Lisy is able to cope with the amount of gym members, but future development could include managing much of the gym through the website.

I have also now joined The Warehouse Community Gym and write a regular blog for them about my experiences as a 30 something who hasn’t done as much exercise as he should over the last few years!

Summer School 2015 Website

Dartington International Summer School 2015

Working on the Dartington International Summer School website for 2015 was much more involved process than in 2014.

Rather than just updating an existing site, for 2015 a new site for Summer School was started from scratch (still within Dartington’s main website. Alongside the site there was back end development of their box office system to enable bookings to be taken through the system.  A full brief was given, including visual guidelines by Atwork.

The back end development involved a lot of product loading for the four week festival including all accommodation, concerts and courses, as well as figuring out how to push their booking system to its limits to work with the many permutations of a booking for this Devon music festival.  Originally the site also had an online booking functionality, made possible with assistance for API development beyond my capabilities by Logodesign, but due to the complicated nature of Summer School, this was later removed an replaced by a booking form.

(NB – It was made clear to Summer School at the time of development/quotation, that for the limited funds they had available the online booking functionality was going to be limited – particularity with the need to integrate with a relatively inflexible box office , so it was not surprising that this functionality was simplified, although I was impressed with what we were able to create on a very limited budget).

Ongoing development of the website continued between December and March alongside customer segmentation for marketing from previous data.

Dodgey Practice website image

Dodgey Practice

Dodgey Practice are a local 9 piece party band.

They needed a site with good search engine optimisation to help them compete in the competitive market for entertainment in the South West as well as promote their premium offering.

The site includes the ability to play music and videos, a blog that is linked to social media to increase distribution and increase footfall to the site, as well as an events calendar with countdown to the next gig.

Rather than a mobile responsive website, a specific cut down site with “click to call” and “click to enquire” buttons prominent on the page has been developed to help convert mobile users.

Work with Dodgey Practice also includes social media and google advertising, alongside poster design.

Dartington Hall website image

Dartington Hall

Whist working at Dartington Hall as Marketing Manager it became very obvious that a new website was needed in order to make the most of online bookings as possible.

After some research into what was needed and a quote from a Hotel Webdesign specialist of £14000 (before optional extras and with me still needing to provide copy and photography), I decided to make the site myself, including copy and photography. This decision in many ways, has lead me to where I am now as a self employed web designer and digital consultant.

The Dartington Hall website needed to be quite a large site, four in one really, with sections of the 50 Bed & Breakfast Rooms, The Restaurant, as a Wedding Venue and as a Conference Centre.

It is a real challenge for Hotels and Bed and Breakfast’s to compete with the marketing power and spend of  the dot coms e.g. , etc. But with 15% of every booking made going to these large companies, a good responsive website and search engine optimisation is a must.  Over the first 6 months, the site saw an increase in nearly 30% in visitor numbers.  

Whilst at Dartington I also established a strong monthly e-newsletter, which became the main focus for a cheap way to distribute the latest offers and increase customer engagement.

Dartington Hall now manage the website for themselves, but I still have close links with many of my ex colleagues and still do the occasional bit of print design for them.

Brigade Solutions Website Design

Brigade Solutions

Brigade Solutions is a new Chef Agency.

An entirely new website was needed, including contact forms for both venues looking for chefs and chefs looking for work. A simple design was identified to highlight the dual nature of the site. Website Design and Development included Search Engine Optimisation and submission to search engines.

I will continue working with Brian from Brigade Solutions on a business development basis, helping him get the most out of his business.

The Brigade Solutions website was launched in September 2014.



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