The Dartington Hall Trust

Dartington Arts E-Newsletter Image

An offhand comment with Sue the (former) Head of Sales and Marketing for Dartington Arts about how I was intending on going freelance as a web designer, digital consultant and specialist in e-newsletters a few weeks before I left Dartington Hall brought about a relationship in which Sue liked to refer to herself as “best client in the world”.

Work has included the analysis, cleansing and uploading of data to the system that Dartington uses, alongside preliminary work to enable the creation of a regular newsletter…

I now compile the weekly Dartington newsletter which is sent out to approx. 24,000 subscribers each week. I firstly compile a draft newsletter and then Dartington inputs to tweak the newsletter if necessary. The relationship is very much based on trust, the newsletter needs to go out each week without fail, and the tone of the email needs to be consistent.

Work is underway with split testing subjects and headers to maximize the impact that the newsletter has.

NB the newsletter template was designed by someone other than myself.