The Warehouse Community Gym

One of my favorite clients so far, The Warehouse Community Gym is one of those business that you just really wan t to see succeed. With a great ethos behind it and an inspiring story behind Lisy the gym owner, I put all I could into the website design for The Warehouse Community.

Features include and attractive responsive design, e-commerce functionality to take block bookings online and a blog.

The e-commerce development included linking to external products, figuring out how to allow gym members to set up direct debits online and listing normal products – so although there’s not many of them, there has been a fair amount of development included to include everything required.

Not in use yet, the website also has a booking functionality built in for the sessions which will only run when enough customers have booked – at present Lisy is able to cope with the amount of gym members, but future development could include managing much of the gym through the website.

I have also now joined The Warehouse Community Gym and write a regular blog for them about my experiences as a 30 something who hasn’t done as much exercise as he should over the last few years!