What's On At Dartington

There’s no news like E-news

Are you wondering if an e-newsletter should be added to your marketing mix?

Each Thursday I send out the Dartington newsletter to approximately 24,000 people. I usually pull together the content on a Wednesday and schedule the newsletter to send around 6pm on a Thursday, giving me a days grace in case something unexpected were to happen and allowing Dartington time to proof and request alterations. The newsletter is a mix of upcoming events, news, articles, the occasional recipe etc. and is designed to increase brand engagement with Dartington as well as drive sales. Each article is short and to the point, but designed for the reader to click through to a relevant page or section on Dartington’s website www.dartington.org

As Dartington is a complex organisation and the newsletter promotes Barn Cinema films, Arts productions, the White Hart Restaurant, the Bed & Breakfast, the Shops and more it’s not that easy to directly tack all revenue generated by the newsletter, but the benefits can still easy be seen.

I would estimate that Dartington’s ROI on the newsletter is close to 20x the cost of me compiling and sending the newsletter.

If you’re not already sending regular communications to your customers in a newsletter a highly recommend you consider e-newsletters as a cost effective marketing option.

To see what is going on at Dartington and recieve the What’s On, visit www.dartington.org and sign up at the bottom of the page.