Web Design from a shed in South Devon

Website Design from a shed in South Devon

Lets cut to the chase – I mostly work from a shed in my garden, it’s not big, in fact it is a pretty small affair, a custom design (I modified a tin shed, cut a hole for a new door, put in some insulation etc.)

Depending on what my clients needs are, I sometimes work within other organisations/workplaces and at those times it is nice to be part of a team face to face, rather than working by myself (which I enjoy), or as I frequently do as a digital extension of a wider team. These digital teams can be fantastic, with modern services like dropbox and the ability to have team chat with slack or hipchat, it is possible to integrate into a much larger team that is spread across the county – all seamlessly delivering our specialisms and having a streamlined workflow where it’s easy to ask for a bit of extra information.

After a few days out of the office (read tin can) it’s great to be back though.  The recent addition of a window, not only increases the light, but gives me a view of the goings on in the garden. A bird feeder about a meter away provides a close up of our garden robin and it’s dominance of the small birds – having recently seen it bully a blue tit away from its prize, I’m not sure anything else gets a look in at the seed. I’m sure I’ll see it take on a pigeon soon!

This week is a bit of a mixed bag, working on new website designs, a couple of new e-newsletter possibilities and bits of design work and pay per click advertising. These are mixed in with school Christmas plays and the upcoming end of term for my daughter, but that’s the way I like it – the benefit of being a freelance web designer in South Devon is the variety of work mixed in with the beauty of the local area.