Wishlist functionality added to eCommerce site

Wishlist added to eCommerce site BigFire

Part of my ongoing website development work with BigFire includes looking at this eCommerce site and identifying possible areas to increase sales.

I have already been through the site and re-categorised some of the products so that they appear in a different order, or on slightly different pages.  Cross sell items have been added to all the main products; so if you add a kadai fire pit to your cart, it will suggest a couple of suitable accessories on checkout.

Last week, my new addition to this site was wishlist functionality.  As always with something like this, there are plenty of stats being bashed about as to the impact of having a wishlist on an eCommerce site, I have read that it can lead to an average increase in cart size of 200%! – we’ll see. But I can really appreciate how, particularly in the lead up to Christmas, having a site that allows you to create a wishlist and then share this on social media or via email is not a bad thing.

It’s always to get a gift that you really want.

This new feature alongside others will be monitored over the coming months, to see how close to the 200% increase it gets.

And as always when working on the BigFire website, I have been eying up products on the site, and the La Castellamonte CookinStack is on my wishlist for the colder months ahead – unfortunately it’s definitely more than a 200% increase on my basket size!