Oakliegh Design Build Kingsbridge Website Design

Website Design for Oakleigh Design Build, Kingsbridge
Kingsbridge based Oakleigh Design Build make stunning Oak framed buildings, and extensions.

They needed a website to show off their new business, and were particulalry keen on having a web design that tried to get across the tactile nature of their timber work.

The Solution - custom designed website

With Oakleigh, there was a bit of back and forth with different design ideas, we kept coming across something they liked, but not something that 

Each page has the possibility of haveing a different background to help give off the tactile nature of their work, as well as using boxed content to make pages with shorter amounts of content still look great.

Each page also features a link(s) to the next or previous relevant page, to help guide people thorugh the website.


The Oakleigh team are able to add to the gallery of work to showcase their latest creations.