Ecommerce Website design for Kingsbridge premium producer Bell & Loxton

Web Design for Kingsbridge Premium Food Business Bell & Loxton
Having spent a few years working for different Devon based food businesses, I am well aware of the passion and pedegree of many Devon based producers.

Kingsbrige based Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil producers Bell & Loxton had an existing online store, but needed a fresh start to give them a more modern website, with the ability for them to easily add products and news articles themsleves.

The Solution - a new ecommerce store

Although they do a few flavoured oils (I particulalry love the garlic one!), for Bell & Loxton, their product range is likely to remain small. To help them get the most from their new website, we decided to feature Recipe's as a great way for them to expand the website's content over time.

Starting with a design, a model of the website was built, using a clean and simple look, their oils are the star of the show on their website.  

Their site also features the ability to add new awards, and associate each award with the relevant product.

Ecoomerce store features include:

  • easily editable content including news, products, recipes and awards
  • order managament and reporting from the back of the system
  • custom Mailchimp template design to fit with their new look website
  • clean and easy to use site layout