Dart Gallery Web Design

Dart Gallery Web Design
Dart Gallery contact AMPlifyME wanting to work with a Web Designer who was local to Darmouth.  

They were conscious that they didn't want to lose their place on google and importantly wanted to show highly for new artists as they were added to the site.

Their new wesbite needed to give a nod to the old one, so not to alienate their existing customers and add the ablility to sell online.

The solution - A new Ecommerce design on a new platform

If you're lucky with a website re-design, you can just create a new theme, or edit existing templates to achive a new look.  For Dart Gallery, their existing platform wasn't up to scratch for SEO, and couldn't achive what was needed as an ecommerce platform, so we started from scratch.

Time was spent working out exactly what was needed to make an online shop possible for them, and working closely with the Gallery, the new site design was established.

The new Gallery Website shop includes  

  • Easy ability to add new artwork
  • Stock management for individual artworks as well as limited copies
  • Complex shipping matrix to to work out delivery costs for different items to different locations
  • Good SEO structure
  • Countdown function so that a single piece of artwork can't be purchased by 2 people at once 
  • Ability to quickly add artwork to exhibitions and blog posts