Freelance Front End Developer

Freelance Front End Developer

Looking for a Devon based Freelance Front End Developer? 

I regularly work with other companies on a freelance web development basis. 

From local companies who I'm happy to go in and work on site with, to working remotely using Skype or Slack to communicate.

Whether it's a bit of overflow work that your existing team can't get done to fit a deadline, or something that you don't have the expertise to do - please get in touch to see if I can help with any project.

Freelance Front End Developer Skills include:

  • Sass / CSS
  • HTML
  • Frameworks including Bootstrap & Bulma
  • Experience with Wordpress, Grav, Shopify, Volusion (and growing experience of Laravel)
  • Laravel Blade Templating
  • jQuery (enough to get stuff working!)
  • Extensive e-commerce experience
  • Newsletter design
  • Version management
  • Photoshop to template design