Dartmouth & Kingsbridge Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing

AMPlifyME are a hands on marketing agency helping local Kingsbridge and Dartmouth businesses reach their full potential online.

With over 15 years experience marketing Devon businesses, from family run enterprises to nationally known brands, AMPlifyME can help give your business the edge it needs to succeed online.

Working with you to create clear objectives along with short and long term goals, we can either take care of your online presence for you, or work with you as an extended part of your team to help you your reach and profit.

Online Marketing Consultant

We can help optimise your business online - 


Ecommerce Optimisation

From the basics of speed optimisation, to customer journeys, online strategy, Pay Per Click, re-marketing and more, we work with local businesses to continually develop thier online shops. This can be based on a one off cunsultancy basis where we take a look at your current store and recommend optimisations, or, as is more often the case, we can work with you month in, month out 



We know the world has gone Social Media crazy, and we definitely believe there is a place for it in the modern digital marketing mix. We can help you with this, and definitely encourage you to do it yourself if you are going to keep it up and have something to say.

What we fully put our faith in though, is a good old fashioned e-newsletter; well preferably a modern e-newsletter that looks great on a mobile device as well as the big screen.

They can give fantastic sales results, increase brand engagement and awareness.and are easily trackable.


There are a lot of different e-newsletter solutions out there, and we have worked with many of them including:

  • MailChimp
  • MailerLite
  • Signupto
  • Dot Mailer
  • Campaign Monitor

Content Creation / Blogging

Something that both your website viewers and google both love, is well written and fresh content.  If you're in need of blog posts or website content, our in house copywrighter can help - we can ever run your blog for you, uploading new content on a regular basis.

Social Media Marketing / PPC

If you're looking to extend your market, Social Media and Pay Per Click can be an invaluable way to aquire new customers.  

Planning your customer aquisition and their journey with your brand once they have one foot in the door is time well spent. Including a little bit of re-marketing to make the most of every website visit can really make the difference.