Shopify Theme edits for Dartmouth fashion Boutique Danielli

Shopify Theme edits for Darmouth fashion Boutique Danielli
Online fashion boutique Danielli had recently made the decision to leave their Shop in Dartmouth behind and concentrate their efforts online and at pop-up events.

With a particular emphasis of Amazing Woman Jeans, their online Shopify store has been steadily growing over the last few year, but needed some work to make the most of on the modern ecommerce scene, and get ready for some exploration into the Pay Per Click and Social Media Marketing.

The Solution - edit their Shopify theme

After discussing the project with Danielli and what they hope to achieve with the onine fashion shop in the near future, edits were made to the Shopify theme to help draw attention to their main product (Amazing Woman Jeans) as well as bringing the layout of their ecommerce store more inline with other womens fashion brands (if your customers are used to a certian way of interacting with a website, you don't want to make tem work harder to achieve what they and you both want - to buy something from your store).

Shopify edits included:

  • header layout
  • home page design
  • product page design
  • collection page tweaks
  • footer layout
  • ability to add new meta data per product (new video area)